Some couples lose sight of the importance of intimacy and attraction in a union the longer they've been together. This is a mistake. In this blog post, Relationship Coach Louis Morris gives 5 things couples can employ to remedy this problem.

How do women want to be treated in an intimate relationship? Some men know the answer and treat the women in their lives well based on that knowledge. However, other men are not entirely clear about how their significant other should be treated in the relationship. In an authentic tradition, the Prophet referred to women as ‘glass vessels,’ indicating that they deserve kind and gentle treatment fr

A short piece about expressing gratitude to your significant other.

Sometimes one person is very much into personal growth and development in a relationship and the other is not as enthusiastic about it. In this week's The Heart Matters Blog, Relationship Coach Louis Morris offers suggestions for couples who are experiencing this issue. A great suggestion from one of his favorite movies.

A brief poem about what couples and singles can expect from me as a Relationship Coach

A brief introduction concerning who I am and what I do as a Relationship Coach.