Happy November From On-Point Health & Wellness

Nov 29, 2020  -  ON POINT ACUPUNCTURE, P.L.L.C.  -  News & Updates

Hey On-Point family – Happy November!

This is the month of gratitude, family time, and… stress?! No matter how wild this year has been, at On-Point we are reminded every day about how lucky we are to work with patients like you, in a community like Beckley, and with the power of natural medicine.

Before we get into our newsletter updates and fall health tips, we’d like to celebrate the season of Thanksgiving, by sharing a few things we are SO grateful for:

• The beautiful space we have to practice in and our awesome staff!

• Harbin and the healing love of pets everywhere 🐕‍

• The never-ending life lessons that clinic remodeling offers…

• The ability to always keep learning. Kacy and Holly will be away in Denver for 2 weeks this month for Neurofeedback training. They’ve been so excited to attend this training and can’t wait to come back with some amazing techniques to combine neurofeedback with acupuncture for even better results!

• You, of course! Whether you’re one of our acupuncture and massage regulars, a salt-cave addict, a fitness fanatic, or the occasional pop-in, we love having you at On-Point! You are why we do what we do, and we thank you for sharing the love of wellness with us!

What are you thankful for this month? Stay well and happy November!

The On-Point Health and Wellness Team