Join us March 3 for the WVU Tech Day of Giving.


Friends of WVU Tech,

Our students have been amazing, powering through school while adjusting to the biggest changes we’ve seen to classroom instruction in more than a century. Many of them have experienced job losses in the family. Some of them have even lost family members.

But they’re Golden Bears. They’re masking up and pushing through. They realize they’re stronger when they rely on each other during these tough times – and they realize the value of an education on the other side of all this.

They’re also the young business owners, innovators, accountants, health care managers, law enforcement officers, nurses, psychologists, engineers and scientists who are determined to make their way in Beckley. Who are determined to build a stronger, healthier and more prosperous Raleigh County.

Today, on March 3, we’re asking you to add your strength to theirs during Day of Giving.

We’re building up our available scholarships to help these students continue their journey. Gifts of any size to our general scholarship fund would go towards lifting some of the financial burden from these deserving students. That’s one less shift they’ll have to work or one less book they’ll have to figure out how to pay for. One more class covered on their way to a bachelor’s degree.

And when you do this – when you show the world that we are indeed stronger together – you’ll be doing so much more than helping students financially. You’ll be showing them how this scrappy community gives back. You’ll be setting an example for the future. And years from now, when some other group of students needs a boost or when our region faces uncertain times, those Golden Bears will remember how much that extra strength can help. Those Golden Bears will pay it forward.

Join us on March 3.

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